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Directory of CrowdFunding Sites

 Below is a list of  Niche CrowdFunding Sites Available Online. With the popularity of Crowd Funding to raise money for just about anything imaginable, expect this list to continue to keep growing. Most people are familiar with the success of Kickstarter and Indigogo from being seen in the News multiple times which certainly has helped propel the entire Market now reaching into the billions of dollars. What is fascinating is how many new Crowd Funding Sites are now available with a specific market built into the over-all business plan. Listed below is the various types of funding sites to help you zero in on the perfect platform for your project.

App Development Funding Sites

Equity Crowdfunding Sites

Start-Up Crowdfunding Sites

New Games Crowd Funding Sites

Crowd Funding Music Sites

Crowdfunding Movie and Film Sites

Crowdsourcing Charity/Donations Websites

Crowdfunding Fundraising Sites

CrowdFunding for Young Entrepreneurs

Crowdfunding for College Sites

Group Funding Sites

Religious Group Funding Sites

Crowdfunding resource's to run a success project

Crowdfunding Software To Start Your Own Funding Website


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