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 What do you get when you combine a successful crowd funding campaign with the power of television? You get the CrowdFunder Show that's coming to a TV channel near you soon. The Crowd Funder Show takes some of the most interesting projects running crowdfunding campaigns and combines them with the power of TV to promote you're campaign like never before.

The Crowf Funder Show was conceived by Canadian writer and producer Jordan Whelan, a former Executive Producer at Toronto Newstalk 1010 and columnist for The Toronto Sun. Each Crowdfunder Show will highlight 6 funding campaigns currently active and information how to invest in their projects. Furthermore if you do decide to invest in any of the featured campaigns, you will also be rewarded with a Gift Card from National and/or Local Businesses equal to your financial contribution.

The Show first launched on September 22, 2013 in Ontario, Canada and New York on local Fox Affiliate Stations with a full roll out coming later this year. With so many Crowdfunding Websites to choose which one is right for your project, The Crowd Funders TV Show will also feature a specific funding site which should help the entire market as a whole.

The First Crowd Funding Site featured is based out of Canada which has already surpassed the $35 million mark for contributions to the projects seen on the website. Grant it this number pales in comparison to which averages over a million dollars a day, but then again Kickstarter doesn't have their own TV Show which should help boost FundRazr's numbers up considerably.

CrowdFunder TV Show Trailer

Hopefully Jordan Whelan has plans to get Crowd Funder Show in National Syndication soon which can only help bring all Crowdfunding Projects to a whole new level. He certainly can't do any worse than Crowd Rules which was more of a game show on CNBC lasting two episodes before being canceled, but has a lot of work to be done to get to the Success of the Shark Tank Show with millions of people tuning in every Friday Night.

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