List of CrowdFunding Websites (A-L)

Huge List of Crowdfunding Sites

Alphabetical listing of all Crowd Funding Websites (A to L)
 With the growing popularity of crowdfunding sites this list is going to get BIG! There are now hundreds of choices to start a crowd funding project and as you might expect, many are very niche orientated to further their success in that particular crowd sourcing space. The alphabetical list below is all the choices available to run a successful crowd funding project. Some are more popular like and some are more niche orientated to draw certain types of backers like the Film Funds. If your going to start a crowdfunding project and plan to succeed, then make sure you spend a little time matching your project with the best crowdfunding site available.

List of CrowdFunding Websites in Alphabetical Order:

  1. Early Shares -equity funding site
  2. Equity Endeavor - Local Crowdfunding Business Site
  3. Equity Net - established in 2005
  4. Fund Anything (Donald Trump)
  5. Health Fund Dr.
  6. Helpers Unite
  7. iCrowd
  8. Ideas Voice
  9. Indigogo
  10. IPO  Village
  11. Invested In
  12. Inventure Fund
  13. Jcrowd
  14. Jump Start City
  15. Just Giving
  16. Katipult
  17. Kiva
  18. KickStarter
  19. Kipipal
  20. Krowd Kidz
  21. Launch T
  22. Lending Club
Complete List of CrowdFunding Sites from M to Z

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  1. You missed Fundoozled

  2. Funeral fund is a crowd funding website which helps you to raise funds for memorial services, memorial donations and funeral activities. If you would like more information about Funeral Services, Memorial Services, Funeral Fund, Memorial Donations please contact us today.

  3. MyClassCam Crowdfunding is a classroom fundraising solution that provides transparent funding and enables community awareness of school project needs. Teachers or student leaders are invited to sign up.

  4. Another good one

  5. has a crowdfunding for speakers section.

  6. isn't on there

  7. this is might be the best crowdfunding site for the film industry.

  8. Fundraising websites often go away targeted traffic mystified and additionally asking just what exactly they need to do. Begin using these guidelines to help benefit from any cyberspace power to take inside expected donations.fundraising website Rallyhero is an excellent crowdfunding site if you want to raise money online

  9. can you add its a crowdfunding site and online fundraising site that's not on your list

  10. is great to raise funds for birthday's and christmas.

  11. Just launched - crowdfunding for outdoor lovers. If you have an outdoor project, check it out.

  12. Christian website

  13. iCrowdFund - offers 'All or Nothing' and 'Keep it All' options for donation and reward based crowdfunding in Ireland.

  14. Hi guys, have a look at the crowdfunding/p2p platform which we lunched recently - It is not only for equity funding but also debt funding for public (listed) companies through convertible loans.

  15. You forgot which is a Private Equity Crowdfunding Platform and the only Crowdfunding site which maintains a fair, orderly, and efficient marketplace, through the use of "Seat Holders" who are professional financial intermediaries, managers, brokers and investment advisers.

  16. was missed....again....

  17. Here is one for Crowdfunder Leads support.

  18. is another one that recently launched. A little different from the others as it's crowdfunding change as opposed to new products/services. Worth checking out!

  19. is Crowdfunding Sustainable Innovation. Come launch your project, back solutions and seek funding. With the power of the crowd, we can create the world we seek. Rewards, Premium, Contribution, Donation and Equity / Investor crowd source funding platform.

    Wise Green Planet prioritizes sustainability, green business, CleanTech, GreenTech, Environmentally Friendly products and projects, non-profit and for profit start-ups and organizations, green schools, churches and community groups, entrepreneurs and more.

    If it's Green and has a cleaner, greener world at the core, then Wise Green Planet is website to both build a crowd around your idea and to support and fund the solutions which are currently seeking funding. More at

  20. How do you not have Cannafundr on there???

  21. offers the solution to sell real-estate without a loss and buy without a mortgage !

  22. Can you complete the list with: its crowd funding for Real-Estate


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