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List of CrowdFunding Websites (A-L)

Huge List of Crowdfunding Sites

Alphabetical listing of all Crowd Funding Websites (A to L)
 With the growing popularity of crowdfunding sites this list is going to get BIG! There are now hundreds of choices to start a crowd funding project and as you might expect, many are very niche orientated to further their success in that particular crowd sourcing space. The alphabetical list below is all the choices available to run a successful crowd funding project. Some are more popular like Kickstarter.com and some are more niche orientated to draw certain types of backers like the Film Funds. If your going to start a crowdfunding project and plan to succeed, then make sure you spend a little time matching your project with the best crowdfunding site available.

List of CrowdFunding Websites in Alphabetical Order:

  1. Early Shares -equity funding site
  2. Equity Endeavor - Local Crowdfunding Business Site
  3. Equity Net - established in 2005
  4. Fund Anything (Donald Trump)
  5. Health Fund Dr.
  6. Helpers Unite
  7. iCrowd
  8. Ideas Voice
  9. Indigogo
  10. IPO  Village
  11. Invested In
  12. Inventure Fund
  13. Jcrowd
  14. Jump Start City
  15. Just Giving
  16. Katipult
  17. Kiva
  18. KickStarter
  19. Kipipal
  20. Krowd Kidz
  21. Launch T
  22. Lending Club
Complete List of CrowdFunding Sites from M to Z

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