How To Start A CrowdFunding Website

Start Your Own Crowdfunding Website

 With a market cap projecting over $6 billion dollars this year alone, it's no wonder so many CrowdFunding Websites are being created. Some of these funding sites will fail, some already have, and some have an excellent chance on becoming the next Kickstarter or Indigogo within their Niche Market. This may be your best chance of success if you pick a niche orientated category that brings like-minded people together.

What is a niche crowd funding website? It's simply one that focuses on a particular category or group of like-minded individuals. Just some of the niche crowd funding sites already out there include Music sites, Movie sites, Donations, Help Pay for College, Religious/Church Related, Equity Funding and even one devoted just to Geeks. In fact, you can take just about any category found on the larger websites and make it into a niche crowdfunding site all it's own.

LauchT is a turn key crowd funding software that will have you up an running in no time. Start a white label funding site for Universities, Non Profits Start ups and Incubators. LaunchT also uses an Online Voting System for Members. Lots of extras within this software package.

CrowdFunding Site offers a WordPress Crowdfunding Theme with an e-commerce payment system plug in. Prices range from $129 to $299 depending on your particular needs. You can take a free tour of the entire platform what explains everything you'll need to succeed in getting started.

Crowd Hoster is a Wordpress Open Source Project from Crowdtilt that is currently Free. But it's  invite only so you'll need to spend some time getting into the project.

Self Starter is also a Worpress Open Source Themed Crowd Funding Site that is 100% Free. It's bare bones and ready for you to customize just the way you see fit. This theme was started by Lockitron after being turned down by Kickstarter. Starting their own Crowdfunding Site specifically for the Lockitron, they went on to make over $2.2 million before the campaign was over.


  1. Take a look at Thrinacia as well. Thrinacia is a crowdfunding engine, a turn key solution really. It comes with powerful features and allows for customization. Once signed up to a plan, you're website can be launched within minutes. There are some very affordable monthly plans available and free trials now running.

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