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List of Crowd Funding Sites For Small Business

 As the Crowd Funding phenomenon continues to gain popularity and becomes a preferred and acceptable way to raise money online, Small Business Start Ups are cashing in big time. Not only is Crowdfunding a great way to raise the needed money to fund your new Business Startup, it's a great way determining the demand for your service's before opening up shop or expanding on your existing business plan.

List of Crowdfunding for Startup Sites is an online funding platform specifically for small businesses. This funding site offers both the Rewards Program and Equity Stock to Accredited Investors. Fundable is free to setup your profile and only charges a $99 flat fee to run your month long campaign. The good news is you get to keep all the money your small business funding campaign brings in instead of a percentage which could cost you're business a great deal more.

Startup Valley is currently in the pre-launch stage now that the Job's ACT Rules the SEC has passed on September 23, 2013. Startup Valley is positioning itself to become one of the Top Equity Crowdfunding Portals on the Internet.

Crowdfunder is 100% Crowdfunding for Business with over 33,000 registered Entrepreneurs and Investors.

WeFunder lets you invest in new Startups for as little as $1000.00 and get an equity stake in a new or Start up Business.

Early Shares gives you the ability to invest in new startups using the Equity Based Crowdfunding Platform. They also offer the Crowdfunding University packed with information on the new Jobs Act Rules for non-accredited investors.

Funders Club is almost like participating in a Mutual Fund investing in Stocks, but instead they pool their money and invest in Start-up and Small Businesses. All new businesses are pre-screened and hand selected before an equity stake in their business will be considered by the Funders Club.

Angel Co is a Public Crowdfunding Site that has a large list of some Startup Businesses receiving impressive amounts of Angel Investors Funding.


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