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 Do you have a Great Idea for a new App inside the App Store? Even better yet, do you know a Great Idea when you see one that potentially could become a huge success making lots of money for years to come? SellanApp has come up with a brilliant solution bridging the gap between New App Ideas, Professional App Developer's and the money and expertise needed to bring it to market. It's a perfect blend between Crowd Funding and Equity Funding, and along with the professional staff SellanApp has in place, everyone has the opportunity to make money off this new revenue generating profit center.

How To Turn Your App Idea Into Cash

 O.K. you have a great idea for an App you just know millions of people are going to love and will become a Huge Success in the App Store, now what do you do? A lot of Crowdfunding Sites have a section for New App Development these days, but you're not a developer. You just have a Great Idea for a New App and not sure where to go from there. We'll guess what? There's an App for that!

What sets SellanApp apart from most other App Funding Websites is what you're receiving when you make a pledge to a Successfully Funded Crowd Funding Campaign. There's already been several 6 and 7 figure funding campaigns for new Apps with the funders usually receiving a copy of the new App when completed.

When making a pledge for as little as $5 to any of the campaigns on SellanApp, your automatically entitled to a percentage of any revenue generated within the App Store if the App indeed gets developed. The larger your financial pledge to the project, the greater revenue percentage you will receive from revenue's generated from the App Store.

Think about that one for a second, would you rather have the first version of a new app that goes on to sell millions of copy's, or a percentage of revenue generated because you were one of the first people to Believe in this new idea and helped make it happen?

Another interesting feature Sell An App has to offer is what qualifies as a successful campaign as far as how much money it will need to raise. Unlike most other Crowd Funding App Sites where you're required to come up with a financial goal to be Successful, there's no minimum amount required to get funded. Each funding campaign does come with a deadline, BUT when anyone of a large list of Qualified App Developers decides the campaign has reached a financial limit they are comfortable with, the Campaign immediately ends and goes into development.

In a way this almost creates a sense of urgency if you spot a great idea for a New App you think has the potential to become successful. If you wait too long thinking about making a pledge, it may close and your SOL of what could of been.

All in all I really like this entire concept and will be visiting the SellanApp Website frequently looking for a few hidden gems having the potential to become wildly successful. Great Idea!!!

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