Crowdfunding Sets new Record

Self Starter Crowdfund Sets New Record

Tile App Raises Over $2.7 Million Running Own Crowdfunding Capmaign
Tile App raises over $2.7 million running own Crowdfunding campaign
Tile App Locator Raises over $2.7 Million
Running Ther Own crowd Funding Project
using Free Site Builder
 The Tile Apps new invention that helps you find just about anything imaginable has just set a new record hosting its own Crowdfunding Campaign without the help of an established Crowd Funding Website. Tile App chose instead to raise the initial funds hosting their own funding campaign using the Template to accomplish this impressive multimillion dollar goal.

The was actually first developed when the owners had a great idea of their own and wanted to start a crowdfunding project on to raise the needed funds for a cool invention called the Lockitron. To make a long story short, Kickstarter turned them down flat and decided the Lockitron Invention was not a good enough invention to be hosted on their site.

Determined there was a market for the Lockitron which is similar to the UniKey seen on the Shark Tank Show, is a door lock App that can be controlled from any smart phone. Deciding to self start their own Crowdfund Campaign has led to registering the domain name and now anyone can use this platform for free. The Self-starter website template is an open source project which is free to use and build upon depending on your Crowdfunding goals.

Tile App realized the value of hosting a campaign at one of the bigger funding websites does come with advantages, but still decided this idea would successfully raise the funds no matter which crowd site they chose. By running the successful campaign themselves they had complete control over the whole process and not obligated to pay the service fee the larger crowdfunding sites charge.

Considering the average price to run a Crowd Funding Project is around 5%, the decision for Tile App to host its own campaign generated at least an additional $100,000.00 in revenue to bring Tile App to the market. Using the platform, Tile App raised just shy of $2.7 million from almost 50,000 backers.

The new Tiles can still be pre-ordered for only $18.95 each with an expected delivery time later this winter. What makes this new technology so cool compared to other key finder type inventions is the fact every Tile can communicate with each other, and if your smartphone is out of range for instance, someone else with the Tile App that may be closer to your lost item, will pick up its signal and get you headed in the right direction.

Congratulations to SelfStarter for providing this free open sourced platform and Title App for proving you can run a very successful multimillion dollar campaign without the help using established funding sites.

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