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Equity Endeavor Local Crowd Funding Site

 The Equity Endeavor Crowdfunding Website is carving out a new niche within the lucrative business market one local town at a time. While the majority list of crowd funding site's found online solicit buyers and sellers from around the world, Equity Endeavor caters to local businesses putting them in direct contact with their local customers.

While trying to establish the first Local Crowdfunding Site of its kind, Equity Endeavor has chosen Austin, Texas and New Orleans as the first two Cities to kick start the program. The more I keep thinking about this idea, the more I like it and see the potential  taking crowdfunding to the local market. It's not only a great way for local businesses to raise capital and expand their businesses while getting Great Marketing and Advertising having the community support your expansion.

What if you have a great business idea for your community and need to raise the capital to get it started? Can you start a Local Crowdfunding Campaign on Equity Endeavor to fund a brand new business idea? That's a great question and one I was unable to answer by going over the website. Both the Austin and the New Orleans sites are currently showing 4 local established businesses each at this time. Each business featured on the site is currently handpicked by the owners and being tightly controlled at this critical time of development. Hopefully they will be opening up new cities in the near future because the Equity Endeavor Local Crowd Funding Site might be onto something Big.

One local business entrepreneur seeking funding on Equity Endeavor is a company called Couchster seeking funds to expand His Food Delivery Business within the New Orleans area. It sounds like a great idea, and by the looks of how many restaurants he already has signed up, He's going to be very successful in the long term.

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