Crowd Funding Books

Crowd Funding Books

 The Crowd Funding Revolution: How To Raise Venture Capital Using Social Media

Crowdfunding Books  The Crowd Funding Revolution consists of 14 chapters jam packed full of good information. This book goes into great detail how crowd funding began and how it will change the way we invest in the future.

Starting with your circle of friends you already have within your social networks, you can grow a successful campaign that goes critical mass following this step-by-step program. This also goes into great detail about other types of crowdfunding opportunities available including using incubator's and angel investors to grow your business.

Crowdfund Investing For Dummies

Learn about Crowdfunding
A "Must Read" If You
Want To Run A Successful
Crowd Funding Campaign

 Soon the flood gates are going to open and Crowd Funding is going to change the way we ALL invest forever. Up until this time you could donate to a project, but unable to participate in the financial rewards for backing a winner. Can you imagine finding the coolest invention you ever seen, and then have the opportunity to invest in the new business just like they do on the Shark Tank Show? That day is soon here and now is the time to learn how this new game will be played.

Equity Crowd Funding will make many multi-millionaires who start collecting pieces of new products and inventions they can soon legally invest in.

Kickstarter Superstars Success Stories

It's a fact that most crowd funding campaigns usually end in failure. It's also a fact that the success of some campaigns keeps breaking records on a weekly basis. Just like the 4 minute mile was once thought unimaginable, so was breaking the million dollar mark in such a short amount of time. The Kickstarter Superstars Success Secrets & Strategies Revealed: How Real People Raised Real Money Through Crowd Funding takes an in depth look at some of the most successful (percentage wise from their financial goal) funding campaigns to date. Clint Arthur interviews include the very successful Pebble Watch which was the first campaign to cross the $10 million barrier.

 At this time Kickstarter Superstars Success Secrets is only available on Kindle for $2.99 or you can Borrow it for Free if you're an Amazon Prime Member.