Biggest CrowdFunding Campain in History

Ubuntu Edge Crowdfunding Campaign

$1 Million A Day Funding Goal
Biggest Crowdfunding Campaign
Ubuntu Edge Smart Phone/Computer
Largest Crowd Funding Campaign in History!
 It looks like the Pebble Watch successful $10 million crowdfunding record may be coming to an end. The Ubuntu Edge is the next generation smart phone that turns into a computer running a dual-boot for both the Ubuntu phone OS and Android operating system.

The Ubuntu Smart Phone is currently on Indiegogo with a whopping $32 million dollar goal in 30 day's time. It's an all or nothing campaign meaning if they do not hit their ambitious goal, Ubuntu will not get any of the money and the owners say the phone will not be made.

According to the Indiegogo page Ubuntu Edge has already raised over $8.5 million with a full 14 days to go. A respectable amount pledged in any ones book and probably already a record by itself, but a half a million a day average is just not enough to make this a successful campaign.

So what kind of Brand New Smart Phone/Computer could gain this much attention in such a short amount of time? One that Software Developers are going to love if they can raise the full $32 million
and  get the Ubunta Edge made.

If you would like to pre-order your Super Smart Phone during the Indiegogo Campain it will set you back only $695 per unit. Not the cheapest smart phone on the market, but then again this one also converts into a computer. Suggested time if delivery is May 2014 if indeed they hit their $32 million dollar goal.

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