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Religious CrowdFunding Sites

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 Religion Crowd Sourcing has proven to be a popular way to raise money for a wide variety of reason's including direct fund raising for your Church, members of the congregation, a local family in need, cover medical expenses or just about any thing you need to raise donations for. With the help of other folks from all religions, a few also accept crowdfunding projects for making a new religious movie or a sound track with a religious theme. And still other's will accept project's for the Entrepreneur who has a great idea or invention, and just needs the seed money to make it a reality.

Below is a List of Religion Based Funding Websites

Faith Launcher is a crowdfunding platform for Christians to come together and support artists, musicians, entrepreneurs, fundraisers and all ministry leaders.  The Faith Funder's mission is to "empower Christians everywhere to take action, build the Kingdom and positively influence our culture". Supporters participate in project's by contributing, helping spread the word, volunteering to a projects cause and praying.

Give For Christ is Christian Based online funding site that wants to give Bibles away from their Crowd funding efforts. You can choose to run an all or nothing Christian project or have it set up for immediate payments to your account. Each charge 4 1/2% to help buy Bibles for $1/each.

1and700 was the very first Religious Based Funding Site on the Internet started back in 2011. By the looks of the site it has not updated for some time but your welcome to check if you'd like.
List of All Crowd Funding Websites

If you know of another religious based funding site you would like to see added, please leave us a note below and we will take care of it.


  1. Hi! I'd like to add - it's a Christian crowdfunding platform. It's different from others in that it's hosted by Wheat Ridge Ministries, an established grant making body. Successful projects on WeRaise may be invited to apply for additional grant funding for their project directly from Wheat Ridge. Thanks!

  2. Another comment about - Besides the opportunity for additional funding, successful projects keep more money. Currently, the fees are only 4.9% on successful projects (may even be going down to 4.7%). Wheat Ridge doesn't keep any of the money, the only fees paid are credit card processing through WePay. Projects that aren't successful aren't charged anything.

    1. The fees are actually only 3.7% for credit card processing, Wheat Ridge does not take any cut of the fees!

  3. Another one is I stumbled upon them yesterday, seems they just used the idea of gofundme for their platform. I am not sure of their transaction fees but I set up a free project and they send it directly to my paypal account.

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  6. GiveSendGo does not charge a platform fee either!! They are Free! Why pay Gofundme 5% or more...GiveSendGo is Free! Keep the money you raise! We know your mission is important!

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