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Help Pay For College using Crowd Funding Sites

Crowdsoursing for College
 Can you use crowdfunding to help pay for College? Not only can you but there is a few niche crowd funding sites specifically just for college students. One of the benefit's of using a College Crowd Funding Website is your ability to get the College or University to help invest in your future.

Below is a List of Funding Sites for College

Alumni Funder is a crowd funding platform for students, alumni, and the general public to fund projects within their established university community. To have your crowd funding project featured on Alumni Funder you will need to register using your University's email address ending with .edu to confirm you are indeed part of that Alumni. Invest in a younger you that is still in College.

Angel Dorm is a college education crowdfunding platform to help students raise money for their expenses. By using the Angel Dorm Funding Site Students can easily raise money from their social network's they have built up Online. Any money successfully raised goes into to the students' education account to help pay for their college tuition, books, meals and boarding.

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List of All Crowdfunding Sites


  1. Check out, they allow you to crowd-fund gifts to a 529 college savings plan. This works great because with the help of supporting friends and family you can easily increase your average monthly contributions to the plan. GradSave's service is free, all you need to do is give them your 529 plan info and gifts will be deposited monthly.

  2. Two up and coming websites are and FAF is looking to help mentor students to a debt free education while ZeroBound requires students to volunteer in exchange for donations. Both have a compelling story.

  3. You can also try andlaunch your own scholarship fund to cover educational expenses.


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