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Free Crowdfunding Website is Run 100% on Donations Themselves
 With you can run a Crowd Funding campaign and keep 100% of all donations for your cause. Unlike a lot of Funding sites that charge a percentage of every dollar collected from your fundraising efforts, You Caring has come up with a way where you keep all the money that is instantly put in your PayPal or We Pay Account for immediate use. accepts free funding projects for Charities, Hospital Bills, Personal Requests and just about any fund raising project that needs to raise money online.

You Caring was started by 3 very caring Entrepreneurs after spending two years together traveling the world on various mission trips. Seeing a need to raise money for several kinds of Charities, they put their talents together and with the help of an anonymous donor that paid all the start-up costs, was born. Because You Caring does not charge anything to use their Crowdfunding Platform, the Free Fundraising site keeps a float relying on donations themselves to keep the bills paid. It's 100% up to you if you would like to donate to YouCaring whether your the Fundraiser or the backer of any of these worthy causes.

To date has raised over $35,000.000.00 in donations and as a result has added over a million dollars to all the fundraising campaigns by not deducting the standard 5-10% fee of most other Crowd Funding Sites.

Visit and start collecting more donation dollars from every dollar collected.


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