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Fundraising Ideas For Kids
Founder and CEO Andrea Lo
Andrea Lo is the Founder and CEO of PiggyBackr
 The PiggyBackr is a crowdfunding site that's geared towards kids and young adults to teach them the basics of fundraising online. Forget about the Door-to-Door fundraising, that so 20th century. Thanks to Andrea Lo, the CEO and Founder of PiggyBackr, today's kids have the tools, the knowledge and the skills to start their own crowdfunding or fundraising event to raise money on a much larger level. The PiggyBackr is not just another fundraising site but is more of an educational fundraising site that takes them through every step to help insure their success. The fundraising projects are done in teams with the team leader being at least 13 years old. Of course they will also need their parents permission before their crowd funding project will be live on the Internet and can start accepting donations.

A lot of crowd funding websites makes it really easy to get your campaign started but then very little help to insure your successful. With the PiggyBackr it's a laid out plan from beginning of your project to the very end. The young entrepreneur's earn points for their projects as tasks are completed which keeps them keep going in the right direction as well as keeps them motivated throughout the fundraising process. The entire experience from creating a fundraising campaign to the success of raising it's goal, will last them a lifetime with the new skills they will acquire and the feeling of accomplishment.

As far as the types of crowd funding projects PiggyBackr accepts from young entrepreneurs, it's more geared towards fundraising events for your School, Sports Teams, Clubs or just about any charity that they are interested in helping. Piggybacker also accepts new inventions and entrepreneurial ideas if they have a team in place to help accomplish all their goals to help insure it's success.

To setup a crowd funding project on Piggybackr is completely free with no upfront costs whatsoever. When your backer contributes to your project, they subtract 5% + 30 cents for each transaction and the remainder is sent to you for whatever fundraising project you are running.

PiggyBackr was built by a young Entrepreneur for Young Entrepreneurs

Piggybackr was first started by Andrea Lo to help her younger sister raise money to help save the Rain Forest. It's actually a very inspirational story for all aspiring young entrepreneurs and best told in her own words in the video below.

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