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 I must say that out of the hundreds of Crowdfunding Sites I have already visited, every once in awhile I find one that really stands out of the huge list of sites to choose from. Jump Start City is definitely one of them. The creature's of this crowd funding/ social site really has thought outside the box and come up with some very interesting and exciting ways that I think you might be interested in learning about. What if you could get paid for participating in a Crowdfunding Site whether your running a successful campaign or a regular backer always on the lookout for the next cool new invention? The more you participate in the Jump Start City Community, the more authority your voice has in determining what campaigns have a sold chance at success and what crowd funding campaigns will fail. Think Kickstarter, FaceBook and a popular Forums way of rewarding frequent poster's for their participation.

Not just anyone can start a funding campaign on Jump Start City. In fact that's what makes it unique to several sites that are facing the same problems that Kickstarter.com and Indigogo.com have been dealing with. It's a fact that most crowd funding projects fail at their first attempt. it's not that its a bad idea, but most likely it may be your understanding on what it takes to run a successful campaign.

 Starting an online funding campaign on Jump Start City requires a 3 step process before your project will be live on the Internet. It requires the support from the Community to take you to the next step. Just like in real life, if your looking for an investor in your idea or new invention, you best have a good elevator pitch (as it's called in the business community) much like the pitches you see on the Shark Tank Show. You can launch you elevator pitch for free and if the Community of Jump Start City decides you have a great chance to succeed and receive the needed 500 pitch point's to moved forward, only then can you move onto step 2.

Step 2 of getting a crowdfunding project started on Jump Start City is the promotion stage where you start designing your crowdfunding page along with a 60 second video of your invention. This is also the time you start to build an audience and getting the media involved in your upcoming Crowd Funding project. This is a 3 week period where you have the biggest supporters of Jump Start City helping you in anyway they can. They want you to succeed for the benefit of the whole Community.

Step 3 is the Active Stage where you are finally ready and prepared to go live and start collecting money from your Crowdfunding project. This is where it gets exciting and what could make all the difference if your successful or another statistic. The whole idea is to get the Jump Start City Community involved in the entire process. If the members are interested in your idea, they can be notified when when your funding campaign begins and will have the option to become a Promoter of your project with a monetized incentive to help you succeed.

All Funding campaigns last exactly 20 days with an all or nothing proposition. You either will be at least 100% funded for your project or you will need to start over and hone your skills just a little more. The best part is when you achieve you initial goal, whether it takes a single day or 20, the funds are instantly transferred to your account to start production right away. All funds above and beyond your initial goal will be available at the end of your 20 day crowd funding campaign.

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