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 GoGetFunding first launched in December, 2011 and has quickly gained traction with Successful Crowdfunding campaigns spanning the Globe. Sandip Sekhon is the Founder and CEO of Go Get Funding that has quickly turned it into one of the most popular funding sites on the Internet.  You can raise funds for any project, cause, event, charity or new invention or start-up that you need to raise money for. You can set up your crowdfunding page for private donations or for public display depending on your needs. To get your project listed on the main site of GoGetFunding.com you simply need to get the first $100 in donations from your own Social Network efforts.

It's free to setup a crowd funding project which you can get up and running in no time. GogetFunding only charges you 4% from all the crowdfunding donations you receive. The fee is taken directly out of all monies collected and the remainder is directly sent to your account.

You also have the option to run a timed campaign with a exact date and time when your project ends or you can choose the Ongoing Donations depending on your situation.

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