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Game Funding Websites
Crowdfunding Sites Specialising in The Gaming Industry
 CrowdFunding New Games has been very popular on the larger Crowd Funding Sites since day one. Kickstarter alone is responsible for helping raise over $50 million for hundreds of new digital video games that may never of been made if it wasn't for the power of Crowd Funding. This is an extremely large lucrative market that's about ready to explode when you will soon be able to buy a stake in thousands of new games of all genre. Actually our Friends across the pond already can participate in equity funding for new games, but in the U.S. we  are still waiting for the final ruling on the JOBS Act Laws. Can you imagine how much more your going to like playing a new video game when you actually have a financial stake in it's success? These are exciting times for the whole gaming industry where many new millionaires will be created in a short amount of time.

Below is a List of Game Funding Sites Exclusive to the Gaming Industry

Games Planet is 100% focused on raising money for new games using the crowdfunding platform. This is for independent video games that helps with digital distribution to get your video game noticed and played around the world.

Gambitious is a professional crowd funding platform exclusively dedicated to the video games industry. Gambitious can help independent game developers and publishers reach a wider audience for new video game ideas and become reality. It's set up much the same way as a lot of other crowdfunding sites but it's also positioning itself within the Equity CrowdFunding space where you will soon be able to own a stake in the Video Game. Currently the Equity Funding is available only to European citizens  and soon in the United States when the JOBS Act finally gets passed later this year.

Game Launched is an International CrowdFunding Site for everything games. We might not all speak the same language but playing a good video game is universal. At Game Launched you can gain Fans from around the world that can help back your crowdfunding project and even help in it's development. All monies collected is in your own currency (or converted to it) so this will never be a problem in determining your goal needed to develop your new video game. You are also rewarded just by sharing a new game within your Social Circle which can be used to buy new video games yet to be developed.


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