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Donald Trumps New Crowd Funding Site

Donald Trump's new Crowd Funding site
Donald Trump gives money away to
promote his new Crowd funding Site
 You know a Great Idea has become a Success when Donald Trump jumps into the game. Donald Trump has set up and is helping fund the new Crowdfunding site "Fund Anything". When The Donald picked this domain name it was clear, He was on a mission and wants a big part of this growing market. For a new crowd funding site, "Fund Anything" has to be one of the Best .Com Domain Names that describes EXACTLY what this site is all about. You can really Fund Anything from a new business idea to a Heart transplant.

In this competing and growing Crowd Funding Space you best have some major news coverage to kick start your site and the crowd that will follow. This just so happens to be what Donald Trump does best and boy does He know how to get the ball rolling by giving away suitcases full of money. The website was started by Donald Trump and partner Bill Zanker and kicked off at the Trump Towers with plenty of news coverage on hand. To make this event a little more interesting, the staff members pulled 10 people out of the Crowd and also awarded them with a check for $5,000.00 each and all signed by Mr Donald Trump himself.

Types of Crowd Funding Campaigns Accepted At

True to it's name you can fund just about anything that you can imagine. There is four main categories to best describe your crowd funding campaign. Creative Arts, Causes, Personal and Business. Unlike the most popular crowd site where you have to achieve you original goal to receive any money, Fund Anything is more set up like Indigogo where you will at least get a portion of the proceeds even if you do not hit your financial goal. If your campaign is successful and you reach your goal, will charge you a 4% service fee for running your funding campaign on their site.

 If by chance you do not reach your goal but still have contributing funds to your campaign, FundAnything will take out a 9% cut for their services. Either way you get the benefit of mentioning Donald Trump and the Trust that comes with his name. Donald also mentions in this video below that ALL his potential profits generated from the's website will be given back to the campaigns using this crowdfunding platform.
Can The Donald's image and his successful background be enough to persuade you to run your Crowdfunding Campaign with him? Given the fact that most CrowdFunding web site's are for-profit and Donald Trump has already stated that he would not profit from this venture, the odds are very good that has a very successful future within this niche. FundAnything has one thing going for it that really has a chance to compete with the King of Crowd Funding "" and that's the flamboyant spokesperson who can put together a press coverage at a moments notice.

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