Fundable Equity Funding

Fundable Equity Crowd Funding is already a successful crowdfunding site that is gearing up more towards Equity Funding for start-up businesses. Actually if you already are an  you can start participating by investing in an equity stake in many start-up businesses. The rest of us will have to wait until the JOBS Act finally gets passed. But when it does, this is one crowdfunding site that you will want to remember and visit frequently.

Unlike most CrowdFunding Sites that usually charge you a percentage of the money you collect from your successful project, only charges you a set Monthly Fee of $99.00. You keep 100% of all money collected for your entire campaign. This may seem a little riskier if your unsure if your project will be a success, but if it is, the monthly fee system could put a lot more money in the coffers when your campaign comes to an end. has been online since May of 2012 with Wil Schroter as the CEO. They got their own financial backing with Virtucon Ventures who in their own words "Build Kick Ass Web Companies". By the looks of their portfolio, I would have to agree.

Until the JOBS Act finally does get passed by the SEC (incidentally is one of the biggest supporters of this new Law) is operating much like a lot of Crowd Funding sites out there. You can still start a project or obtain capital for your business using rewards to entice backers that are not accredited investors. Or you can get the attention of several accredited investors already registered with if your willing to give up an equity stake in your company.

How is getting around raising equity via the Crowdfunding route before the JOBS Act gets passed is very interesting. First when you start a project on your funding page can be seen by the general public just like most funding sites.

 If you are indeed interested in receiving equity for your business from an accredited investor, you will also need to fill out a business plan when putting your project together. This information is locked away from the general public and only made available to the investors that have already been verified. If the investor is interested in your business or invention, they have the ability to contact you directly which has no part in any of the financial negotiations.

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