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Crowd Funding Sites for New Movies and Films

Crowdsourcing new film and movie's
 This list of Niche Film and Movie CrowdFunding Sites could impact how New Movies and Independent Films will be financed in the future. Imagine making a Movie where you already have over a million Fan's all waiting (and pre-paying) to see your creation. What new Films and Movies will now be made as a direct result of CrowdFunding? This is a very exciting Niche within the Online Funding Phenomenon that is sure to have a direct impact on which Movies will get made in the future.

Below is a list of Crowdfunding Websites specializing in the Film and Movie Industry.

Cinema Share's has a new take on how Hollywood will finance Big Budget Film's in the Future. Imagine where you actually own a share of that Movie and will also share in any future profit's generated by investing in their Crowd Funding project.

Connected Films is using Crowd Funding where you can become a producer and help in how the Film will be developed. By contributing to Connected, the name of the Film, your mane will be shown and credited with making this move.
Update: it looks like Connected Films has been temporally put on hold and will resume at a later date. Interestingly they posted a video on the front page explaining this decision but I could barely hear it with the speakers as loud as they could go. A funding site for a new Movie that has not figured out how to make a basic video with that you can hear, has me questioning this Crowdfunding site.

Save Our Community Theaters hope's they can save over 3000 Movie Theaters in danger of closing down when Hollywood stops making 35mm Film and completely goes digital at the end of this year. With a hefty cost between $50k to $80k per Movie Theater, many of the smaller Hometown Movie Theaters are in danger of going out of business. It's hope that the community will get behind their Theatre and help raise the needed money using a type of crowd funding they call Circle Funding.


List of All Crowd Funding Sites


  1. The Play is a murder mystery thriller where a famous theater group in Kolkata is ravaged when the members of the group gets killed one by one in a span of one night. Only three of the members survive. The task of finding out the truth falls on one member, but the answers the member was looking for are not the answers the member will get. Will the truth kill the member or just make the member even stronger. Find out as The Play begins. website:

  2. Blue suede is the epic crime thriller which is about the war between the two mob families that is for Chinatown. The thriller will bring together actors from the East coast to the West coast to give audiences an authentic piece of art and to satisfy the thirst for action.

    Vendetta Motion Picture is bringing flattering action thriller blue suede. That is a breathless action thriller and all the rules are out of the window, Vendetta motion picture believes story matters and action is incidental. ,,. Blue Suede Asian Italian Action Movie ,.,.,. Asian Italian Action Movie

  3. You should look @ this website for crowdfunding the movie industry.


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