Crowdfunding Sites For Young Entrepreneur's

CrowdFunding for Kidpreneurer's

Crowd Funding Specializing in Helping Kids Achieve Their Goals
 Below is a list of Crowdfunding websites designed for young Entrepreneur's to run a successful funding project. Unlike a lot of Crowd Funding sites where you are expected to already know the basics of running a successful funding campaign, these Niche sites are specifically for young Entrepreneur's that have a step by step approach that leaves nothing to chance.

List of Crowd Funding Sites for Kids

PiggyBackr is a Crowdfunding site that was started by a young entrepreneur for aspiring young entrepreneurs. Most of the crowd funding projects are geared towards Fundraisers for just about anything you want to raise money for. Put together your team (the team leader needs to be at least 13 years old) and follow a proven plan to running a successful crowdfunding project.

Crowdfunding resource's to run a success project
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