Crowdfunding Sites for App Development

Crowd Funding Websites For Apps

Get Funding For A New App

  Below is a list of Crowd Funding Sites that specialize in New Apps Development. You can raise the necessary money to develop you App and also receive specialized help/knowledge from conception to being approved for all the apps stores. If you have a great idea for an App, but need a little help with raising the needed money and all the details that go along with having a successful finished product, then this Crowdfunding list is for you.

List of Crowdfunding Sites for Apps

AppBackr as the name implies, is all about getting funding for your new App either in development or already available at any Apps store. All the App Backers get a wholesale copy of your App once it goes live. They are not charged for your App until they receive it and you will not receive any payment's from your Backers until it is Live and down loadable from the App Store.

AppSplit has a Crowd sourcing platform that has everything you need to succeed from getting the financing, talent and resources from beginning to end. You can then turn your App Source Code into cash at their marketplace or get it listed in all the biggest App stores.

AppsFunder will help you take your idea for a new App and turn it into reality IF it's good enough. You can pitch your App idea to a panel of crowdfunding experts that will grade you and your chances for a successful funding project. If you get a score of over 70% your crowdfunding project will receive a "AAA Certified Label" and help with getting you funded.

Sell an App has a unique twist when it come's to making a pledge for a new App to get developed. For as little as $5 you receive a percentage of all revenue generated in the App Store. The higher your financial contrabution, the greater the financial reward if the App becomes successful. Turning your App ideas into cash is getting easier every day!

Crowdfunding resource's to run a success project
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  2. Thanks, But Is there only 3 Crowdfunding Sites for App Development ?

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