Crowdfunding Music Sites

Crowdfunding Music Sites

Get Your Music or Band Funded - Discover New Artists
 If your a musician you are going to love what some of these new Crowdfunding Websites tailored to you have to offer. What better way to raise money for a new Album when your "True Fan's" will help make it a reality. These crowdfunding music sites are also a great way of discovering up and coming musician's and you get a chance at exclusive content available only to the backer's.

Below is a List of CrowdFunding Site's dedicated to Music:

Pledge Music is a great way to help your favorite artists make and release a new Album. As a Fan you can help shape their destiny with your support, and as an Artist you can Finally get that record made. What better way to find new Fans then ones that are searching for new music they would like to see succeed?

SellaBand is based out of Munich and Berlin and has actually been around for awhile. First starting out in 2006, Sell A Band has successfully helped raise over $4,000,000.00 to fund over 80 Artists and produce their Albums. You retain 100% creative ownership of your Music while offering incentives for your Fan's to invest in your Crowdfunding project. This is a full service music funding site which includes record labels, management companies, publishers and media companies.

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