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 The biggest problem that most successful crowd funding campaigns have in common is their inability to package and ship out their products on a timely basis. This is where Crowd Supply comes in which can save you a lot of headaches no matter what CrowdFunding Site you chose to use. Crowd Supply runs much like many other Crowd Funding Sites that you use their website to host your campaign. The main difference here, and one that has huge possibilities for all Crowd Funding campaigns, is the fact they also provide a fulfilment center to get your products to your buyers.

Here's How Crowd Supply Works

 Crowd Supply functions much like most crowdfunding sites out there. You set up your campaign with a stated financial goal that you are trying to reach within a 45 day period. Once you reach your financial stated goal to further develop your product the money is transferred to your bank account within 15 minutes (minus a 5% fee) so you can get right to work. That's a Big Plus over most CrowdFunding Sites that usually transfer funds only when the campaign is completely over.

You have a successful campaign and now the work really starts. You need to get the product made and ready to ship. All the necessary shipping labels needs to be printed and ready to go. Have you secured the right patents/trademarks before your ready to start shipping your new product?

Fortunately Crowd Supply is thinking way outside the box from just about every other crowd funding Website out there. Everything listed above is real problems that MUST be dealt with to have a successful crowd sourcing campaign and most leave it all up to you to figure out this piece of the puzzle. Crowd Supply goes the extra mile and has a built-in processing center that can take a lot of the stress out of getting all your orders fulfilled in a timely manner. Furthermore, Crowd Supply also offers a whole host of other services to help streamline your new business.

Once you submit your crowd funding plan the expert's at Crowd Supply will go over your entire campaign and give you an assessment on it's potential success. Because your success is ultimately theirs as well, they go the extra mile and put you in contact with designer's, manufacturers, Intellectual Lawyers, engineers and marketers to further increase your success. All these services are offered to you at No Charge.

The Crowd Supply does not stop there with this added feature that can make you a lot of extra sales and ultimately a lot more money. As their name "Crowd Supply" suggests, they also offer a fulfilment center much like but for products that got their beginning from the Crowd Funding Market. Even if you use another crowd sourcing site to successfully raise the needed capital for your invention, it's still worth the effort to get it accepted at the Crowd Supply Store where it can be bundled and sent out with other successful products.

The site itself also raised it's initial capital of $500,000.00 from investor funds with additional funding if this exciting new crowd funding site takes off. The Founder and CEO is Lou Doctor is no stranger to commerce and order fulfillment with a whole list of impressive websites sending out millions of dollars worth a product. Some of his established websites include and which are both very reptile when it comes to ordering products online.

Crowd Supply might be a little new BUT with these extra services they are offering this really could be a game changer with the bar being raised that much higher for other funding sites to follow.

This is one Crowd Funding Site that really does stand out from anything else currently available. If you have a concept for a new invention or idea, but not the background to take it to the final finished stage, then Crowd Supply might be exactly what you are looking for.

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