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Crowdfunding for Apps
 Do you have a Great Idea for a Mobile App? The AppsFunder is a niche crowdfunding site that specializes in this market with plenty of expert's to help you along the way. If you idea for a new App is unique enough to spark the interest of their expert panel, they will go into great detail to rate your App and it's potential success. You will be rated on 4 main areas which include the technology, innovation, marketing potential and your team you already have in place. If your app receives a score of at least 70% from the expert panel, you will receive a "AAA Certified Rating" for the potential success of your invention. Having the experts determine your idea has a high chance to succeed will ultimately help you get your App. successfully funded.

Equity Crowdfunding For Mobile Apps

 Sure, you can back any App. on the AppsFunder website and get the standard rewards such as a free download when the App is available. Or you can choose an equity share of the profits when it's available in the Apps Store or on Google Play. An equity share in a product? But isn't this still not aloud until the "JOBS Act" gets passed by the SEC? That's Correct! But the AppsFunder has found a clever way to start accepting equity shares for just about any mobile app.on their site.

Here's How You Can Make Money Investing In Mobile Apps.

Instead of choosing a typical reward when backing a project, you can choose to invest in the product using whats called a "Reward Pack". The reward packs are available in $25, $50 and $100 packs. Once you find a mobile app that you want to invest in, you assign a rewards pack to that particular crowdfunding project.
Here's The Catch,,,. Once the app goes live and is available for sale you will indeed start receiving a percentage of the profits for the equity stake you have in the crowdfunding campaign, but only to a point. If you invest a $25.00 Reward Pack during the campaign your financial reward will max out at $40.00. The $100.00 Reward Pack will pay you back $220.00 before it ultimately expires. If the App is a Big Hit you will get your investment back in record time. Unfortunately that also means you will not share in any future profits past that point no matter how successful the App becomes. That's still not a bad rate-of-return if indeed the App sells enough to meet it's financial obligations and it's a Great Way to offer your friends a small piece of the action with limited risk.

Receiving Funds To Develop A new App

Another interesting part about AppsFunder is how they distribute the funds. Unlike most CrowdFunding Sites that usually pays the funds all at once, the Apps Funder distributes funds from your backers in increments as the App is developed. This is all figured out before your crowdfunding campaign begins and is determined by how far along your App is from being completed. This also gives your financial backers a sense of security as they will also only be charged in increments as your work progresses and is verified by AppsFunder.

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