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 Rocket Hub is a Crowd Funding Site that will help blast your business idea's into reality. Rocket is unique because you must first audition for a Team that identifies and publishes the Launch Pad Opportunities. To further your success you can go to the RocketHub Crowd Funding Success School and learn what it takes to run a successful campaign. A guest panel of judges will determine your chances of success  and if your crowd funding project moves on to the next level.

At Rocket Hub you have the ability to raise money from all around the world and you are guaranteed to keep the funds raised (minus processing fees) even if you do not reach your financial goal. There is no cost to launch your business/idea once it has passed the judges approval and been given the green light for take off. If you reach your financial goal there is a 4% commission fee for Rock Hub and a 4% credit card processing and handling fee. In the case you do not reach your financial goal a 8% commission fee will be imposed from RocketHub as we'll as the 4% credit card fee. The staff at Rockethub boast one of the fastest payouts in the Crowdfunding Industry.

How Much Is Your Online Network Worth?

There is a great deal of emphasis put on how popular you are on the social networks and how many FaceBook Likes you already have accumulated. This is your core network's worth and it will greatly determine how successful your crowd funding campaign will get off the ground. How much time you devote building up your social presence before starting your crowd funding campaign can pay huge dividends. Make sure you are active on at the very least FaceBook, Twitter and Google+.

3 Tier's to a Successful RocketHub Launch:

The first tier is your initial core made up of Friends, Reletives and your Social Networks. These people already know and trust you and will give you the needed fuel to reach the second tier.

The second tier to a successful crowd funding campaign kicks in when the first tier helps spread the word to all their friends within their social circle. This of course is where the reason why you are running a crowdfunding campaign  in the first place will determine how many folks willingly share how to get back to your campaign.

The third and final tier is when your campaign really gets traction and when the crowd funding crowd takes notice and wants to be part of your successful invention/idea. Success breeds success and this proven platform is no exception. It's all about momentum!

Visit the RocketHub Success School For More Information