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With a motto of " Our platform is available to anyone, anywhere to raise money for anything" it's no wonder that Indiegogo is one of the largest crowd funding websites on the Internet. And with  global access you can  start a campaign anywhere in the world and collect money from any country as long as you have a bank account.

Indiegogo is free to set up your funding campaign and you can get started right away. No applications to fill out. Fast and really simple.

What is the Gogo factor? How can it help me?

Indiegogo is really unique in that it is already setup for a world wide audience. They have in place a merit-based algorithm that tracks your level of activity of each campaign based on how much you share, update, and attract funding. Work hard on your part and they'll give you a gogo boost to boost your funding campaign.
Based on your activity you may also be eligible for social media outreach, community and content creation, as we'll as press access. This is how Indiegogo can help to generate more excitement and interest in your campaign if they know you are serious in your crowd funding efforts.

What Categories does Offer

Creative Crowdfunding

  • Art
  • Comic            
  • Dance            
  • Design            
  • Fashion            
  • Film            
  • Gaming            
  • Music            
  • Photography            
  • Theatre            
  • Trans media            
  • Video / Web            
  • Writing   

Different Causes

  • Animals            
  • Community            
  • Education            
  • Environment             
  • Health            
  • Politics            
  • Religion

Entrepreneurial Spirit

  • Food            
  • Small Business            
  • Sports            
  • Technology

How Much Does Charge

Unlike some other crowdfunding websites where you need to fulfill your financial goal to get paid, Indiegogo has a different approach. If anyone pledges money to your campaign, no matter how small, you will get that money minus a 9% fee from If you get the full financial support of the community and fulfill your financial goal (and hopefully a lot more) Indiegogo only charges a 4% commission. Another unique feature is your contributors can pay with a credit card or paypal making it much easier for to contribute. You decide how you want to be paid.

Help With Your Crowd Funding Campaign

Indiegogo has a wealth of information to help you have a successful campaign. Everything thing you need to get started is located here at

Follow here at and see what the latest campaigns are making the most money.

Here's a very good article on's website of how to take your idea to reality using to finance your project.


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