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 Now here is a new crowdfunding website that's making a big splash fast. Gofundme.com started just two years ago and has been growing Fast! Unlike Kickstarter that is more for new ideas, inventions and artists, Gofundme is more geared toward helping others. One unique feature we really like is when anyone donates to your project, it will be shown on gofundme.com's main page along with how much was pledged.

List of GoFundMe.com Categories

Accidents & Personal Crisis
Animals & Pets
Babies, Kids & Family
Business & Entrepreneurs
Celebrations & Special Events
Community & Neighbors
Competitions & Pageants
Creative Arts, Music & Film
Dreams, Hopes & Wishes
Education, Schools & Learning
Funerals, Memorials & Tributes
Medical, Illness & Healing
Missions, Faith & Church
Non-Profits & Charities
Other & Miscellaneous
Sports, Teams & Clubs
Travel & Adventure
Volunteer & Service
Weddings & Honeymoons

Running A Successful Campaign With GoFundMe.com

 Gofundme is closely tied to Facebook.com and Twitter.com. The more Friends you have the easier it will be to get your crowdfunding project off the ground. Using Facebook to get folks to your campaign and then getting featured on the front page is a way to get maximum exposure Fast!
There is no financial goals that you much reach to get paid. In fact, you are welcome to put in for a request for payment at anytime. Or simply let your account keep growing until you are ready to withdraw your money. You automatically receive an email when anyone donates to your cause so your able to thank them right away.

How Much Does GoFundMe Charge

The entire funding proccess is done in real time. A sponsor makes a donation using a credit card or debit card just like any other transaction. GoFundMe.com takes a 5% commision off this amount and immediately puts the rest into your account. It's Fast and Very Simple how they operate.
GoFundMe.com is an excellent alternative for any fund raising/ donation type of crowdfunding projects.


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