Saturday, December 21, 2013

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Sell an App

Sell An App Crowdfunding

Turn App Ideas into Multiple Streams of Income

Sell An App Idea for Cash
Sell An App Crowd Funding Site
With A Unique Twist
 Do you have a Great Idea for a new App inside the App Store? Even better yet, do you know a Great Idea when you see one that potentially could become a huge success making lots of money for years to come? SellanApp has come up with a brilliant solution bridging the gap between New App Ideas, Professional App Developer's and the money and expertise needed to bring it to market. It's a perfect blend between Crowd Funding and Equity Funding, and along with the professional staff SellanApp has in place, everyone has the opportunity to make money off this new revenue generating profit center.

How To Turn Your App Idea Into Cash

 O.K. you have a great idea for an App you just know millions of people are going to love and will become a Huge Success in the App Store, now what do you do? A lot of Crowdfunding Sites have a section for New App Development these days, but you're not a developer. You just have a Great Idea for a New App and not sure where to go from there. We'll guess what? There's an App for that!

What sets SellanApp apart from most other App Funding Websites is what you're receiving when you make a pledge to a Successfully Funded Crowd Funding Campaign. There's already been several 6 and 7 figure funding campaigns for new Apps with the funders usually receiving a copy of the new App when completed.

When making a pledge for as little as $5 to any of the campaigns on SellanApp, your automatically entitled to a percentage of any revenue generated within the App Store if the App indeed gets developed. The larger your financial pledge to the project, the greater revenue percentage you will receive from revenue's generated from the App Store.

Think about that one for a second, would you rather have the first version of a new app that goes on to sell millions of copy's, or a percentage of revenue generated because you were one of the first people to Believe in this new idea and helped make it happen?

Another interesting feature Sell An App has to offer is what qualifies as a successful campaign as far as how much money it will need to raise. Unlike most other Crowd Funding App Sites where you're required to come up with a financial goal to be Successful, there's no minimum amount required to get funded. Each funding campaign does come with a deadline, BUT when anyone of a large list of Qualified App Developers decides the campaign has reached a financial limit they are comfortable with, the Campaign immediately ends and goes into development.

In a way this almost creates a sense of urgency if you spot a great idea for a New App you think has the potential to become successful. If you wait too long thinking about making a pledge, it may close and your SOL of what could of been.

All in all I really like this entire concept and will be visiting the SellanApp Website frequently looking for a few hidden gems having the potential to become wildly successful. Great Idea!!!

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Tuesday, October 22, 2013

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Crowd Funder Show

Crowd Funder TV Show

Crowd Funding Seen on TV
New TV Show devoted to
Crowd Funding Campaigns
 What do you get when you combine a successful crowd funding campaign with the power of television? You get the CrowdFunder Show that's coming to a TV channel near you soon. The Crowd Funder Show takes some of the most interesting projects running crowdfunding campaigns and combines them with the power of TV to promote you're campaign like never before.

The Crowf Funder Show was conceived by Canadian writer and producer Jordan Whelan, a former Executive Producer at Toronto Newstalk 1010 and columnist for The Toronto Sun. Each Crowdfunder Show will highlight 6 funding campaigns currently active and information how to invest in their projects. Furthermore if you do decide to invest in any of the featured campaigns, you will also be rewarded with a Gift Card from National and/or Local Businesses equal to your financial contribution.

The Show first launched on September 22, 2013 in Ontario, Canada and New York on local Fox Affiliate Stations with a full roll out coming later this year. With so many Crowdfunding Websites to choose which one is right for your project, The Crowd Funders TV Show will also feature a specific funding site which should help the entire market as a whole.

Friday, October 11, 2013

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Crowdfunding for Start-Ups

Crowdfunding Start Up Sites

List of Crowd Funding Sites For Small Business

 As the Crowd Funding phenomenon continues to gain popularity and becomes a preferred and acceptable way to raise money online, Small Business Start Ups are cashing in big time. Not only is Crowdfunding a great way to raise the needed money to fund your new Business Startup, it's a great way determining the demand for your service's before opening up shop or expanding on your existing business plan.

List of Crowdfunding for Startup Sites is an online funding platform specifically for small businesses. This funding site offers both the Rewards Program and Equity Stock to Accredited Investors. Fundable is free to setup your profile and only charges a $99 flat fee to run your month long campaign. The good news is you get to keep all the money your small business funding campaign brings in instead of a percentage which could cost you're business a great deal more.

Startup Valley is currently in the pre-launch stage now that the Job's ACT Rules the SEC has passed on September 23, 2013. Startup Valley is positioning itself to become one of the Top Equity Crowdfunding Portals on the Internet.

Crowdfunder is 100% Crowdfunding for Business with over 33,000 registered Entrepreneurs and Investors.

WeFunder lets you invest in new Startups for as little as $1000.00 and get an equity stake in a new or Start up Business.

Early Shares gives you the ability to invest in new startups using the Equity Based Crowdfunding Platform. They also offer the Crowdfunding University packed with information on the new Jobs Act Rules for non-accredited investors.

Funders Club is almost like participating in a Mutual Fund investing in Stocks, but instead they pool their money and invest in Start-up and Small Businesses. All new businesses are pre-screened and hand selected before an equity stake in their business will be considered by the Funders Club.

Angel Co is a Public Crowdfunding Site that has a large list of some Startup Businesses receiving impressive amounts of Angel Investors Funding.

Thursday, October 10, 2013

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Self Starter Crowdfund Sets New Record

Tile App Raises Over $2.7 Million Running Own Crowdfunding Capmaign
Tile App raises over $2.7 million running own Crowdfunding campaign
Tile App Locator Raises over $2.7 Million
Running Ther Own crowd Funding Project
using Free Site Builder
 The Tile Apps new invention that helps you find just about anything imaginable has just set a new record hosting its own Crowdfunding Campaign without the help of an established Crowd Funding Website. Tile App chose instead to raise the initial funds hosting their own funding campaign using the Template to accomplish this impressive multimillion dollar goal.

The was actually first developed when the owners had a great idea of their own and wanted to start a crowdfunding project on to raise the needed funds for a cool invention called the Lockitron. To make a long story short, Kickstarter turned them down flat and decided the Lockitron Invention was not a good enough invention to be hosted on their site.

Determined there was a market for the Lockitron which is similar to the UniKey seen on the Shark Tank Show, is a door lock App that can be controlled from any smart phone. Deciding to self start their own Crowdfund Campaign has led to registering the domain name and now anyone can use this platform for free. The Self-starter website template is an open source project which is free to use and build upon depending on your Crowdfunding goals.

Tuesday, October 1, 2013

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Equity Endeavor

Equity Endeavor Local Crowd Funding Site

 The Equity Endeavor Crowdfunding Website is carving out a new niche within the lucrative business market one local town at a time. While the majority list of crowd funding site's found online solicit buyers and sellers from around the world, Equity Endeavor caters to local businesses putting them in direct contact with their local customers.

While trying to establish the first Local Crowdfunding Site of its kind, Equity Endeavor has chosen Austin, Texas and New Orleans as the first two Cities to kick start the program. The more I keep thinking about this idea, the more I like it and see the potential  taking crowdfunding to the local market. It's not only a great way for local businesses to raise capital and expand their businesses while getting Great Marketing and Advertising having the community support your expansion.

Wednesday, September 11, 2013

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Crowd Funding Books

Crowd Funding Books

 The Crowd Funding Revolution: How To Raise Venture Capital Using Social Media

Crowdfunding Books  The Crowd Funding Revolution consists of 14 chapters jam packed full of good information. This book goes into great detail how crowd funding began and how it will change the way we invest in the future.

Starting with your circle of friends you already have within your social networks, you can grow a successful campaign that goes critical mass following this step-by-step program. This also goes into great detail about other types of crowdfunding opportunities available including using incubator's and angel investors to grow your business.

Crowdfund Investing For Dummies

Learn about Crowdfunding
A "Must Read" If You
Want To Run A Successful
Crowd Funding Campaign

Thursday, August 8, 2013

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Biggest CrowdFunding Campain in History

Ubuntu Edge Crowdfunding Campaign

$1 Million A Day Funding Goal
Biggest Crowdfunding Campaign
Ubuntu Edge Smart Phone/Computer
Largest Crowd Funding Campaign in History!
 It looks like the Pebble Watch successful $10 million crowdfunding record may be coming to an end. The Ubuntu Edge is the next generation smart phone that turns into a computer running a dual-boot for both the Ubuntu phone OS and Android operating system.

The Ubuntu Smart Phone is currently on Indiegogo with a whopping $32 million dollar goal in 30 day's time. It's an all or nothing campaign meaning if they do not hit their ambitious goal, Ubuntu will not get any of the money and the owners say the phone will not be made.

According to the Indiegogo page Ubuntu Edge has already raised over $8.5 million with a full 14 days to go. A respectable amount pledged in any ones book and probably already a record by itself, but a half a million a day average is just not enough to make this a successful campaign.

So what kind of Brand New Smart Phone/Computer could gain this much attention in such a short amount of time? One that Software Developers are going to love if they can raise the full $32 million
and  get the Ubunta Edge made.
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